Facts About Hearing Health

  • More than 28 million individuals in the United States have a hearing loss
  • Hearing loss effects not only the individual, but family and friends.
  • A comprehensive evaluation by an Audiologist is the first step in understanding the type, degree and implications of your hearing loss.
  • Technological advances now allow an Audiologist to fit personal hearing aids by enhancing the speech signal, without over amplifying background noise.
  • Some types of hearing loss are medically treatable.  Some types of hearing loss are permanent.
  • Educating a client and family about an individual's hearing loss should be central to good hearing healthcare and management.



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American Academy of Audiology:              www.audiology.org


The Hearing Loss Association of America   wwww.hearingloss.org


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American Tinnitus Association                  wwwwata.org


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