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Ms. Schneider provided me with a comprehensive hearing assessment that allowed me to understand the cause of my hearing loss and to seek the correct type of intervention.  She was thorough, understanding, knowledgeable and professional.  The Audiology services offered through her office are top notch!     

       Sue. H., age 59


My father has received ongoing support for his hearing challenges by Ms. Meg Schneider, Audiologist.  He has been pleased with the recommendations and options he has been given through her office at Audiology & Hearing Services of Longmeadow.  His hearing aids have allowed him to fully participate in family conversations and social gatherings again!  The quality of services and warm support he has received from Meg are exceptional.  Any time he as had a question or concern about his hearing or hearing aids he has been seen in the office quickly and received the help he needed.  Thanks, Meg!

       Father:  Robert L.,  age 88, Vet


Our family has hearing loss that has affected 3 members.  Two of our children are school age and wear hearing aids.  The children are so comfortable when they attend their appointments at Audiology & Hearing Services of Longmeadow! They always feel that Ms. Schneider is really listening to their questions and concerns.  She has attended team meetings on their behalf and guided the school system as to how to best meet their hearing needs.  She is current with the newest technology and research findings and easily makes recommendations that benefit our children.  We look forward to continuing this collaborative relationship well into the future.

      Children:  Sam, age 16 and Sheila, age 11






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